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Elegant Leather Cases

What can we notarize?


General Legal Documents


Loan Documents

  • Living Wills

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Healthcare Directives

  • Employment Documents

  • School Documents

  • Certified Copies

  • Medical Documents

  • Bank Documents

  • Guardianship Documents

  • And more!

  • Affidavit of

    • Heirship​

    • Residence

    • Name Change

    • Support

    • Service

    • Separation

  • Financial Affidavit

  • Court Affidavits

  • Custody Agreements

  • And more!

  • Home Purchase Documents

  • Seller Documents

  • Refinance Documents

  • Reverse Mortgages/ Reverse Mortgage Applications

  • Loan Modifications

  • And more!


  • Employment Contracts

  • Sale Contracts

  • Property Contracts

  • Lease Contracts

  • Rental Contracts

DMV Forms

  • Driver License Forms

  • Motor Vehicle Forms

  • Bills of Sale

  • Vehicle Titles

  • Trailer Titles

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

(i) A passport, driver’s license or government-issued nondriver identification card, which is current and unexpired.

(ii) Another form of government identification issued to an individual, which: (A) is current;
(B) contains the signature or a photograph of the individual; and
(C) is satisfactory to the notarial officer.

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